Parish Finance Council


Albert Sueiras
T: (305) 279-7655
Paul Walkington
T: (786) 473-9110
Keith Simmons
T: (305) 233-6273

To assist the pastor in developing parish resources as well as giving an account of the same. To serve as a wisdom group for responsible stewardship of parish goods.

Office Volunteers


Pam Lawson
T: (305) 255-6642 x305

To assist with mailing, filing, record keeping, and telephone calls in the parish office.

Parish Advisory Council


Louis Trapp
T: (305) 253-8565
Marge Binder
T: (305) 238-6484
Pam Lawson
T: (305) 235-7576
Joe & Maria Montesinos
T: (305) 271-3877
Ronald Anderson
T: (305) 323-1439
Fanny Albano
T: (305) 299-2633
Jorge Rolo
T: (786) 859-6737
Damis & Peter Gonzalez
T: (305) 232-8217

To act as an advisory board to the pastor on the goals, projects, and activities of the parish through periodic meetings of ministry coordinators.

Security Ministry


Jim Wilhelm
T: (305) 775-7888

To work with the pastor in making the premises secure. This includes working with ministry heads to inform them of security needs.

SJN Parish Information & Welcome


Juan Balloveras
T: (305) 255-6642 x 307

To welcome prospective parishioners at a monthly session which gives an overview of parish life and an introduction into the parish family.

Also works to offer parishioners information on parish programs and outreach after every mass.

SJN School Advancement Board


Msgr. Pablo Navarro
Maria Elena Vilas
Christina Rodriguez
Advancement Director

To act as advisors to the pastor and the principal regarding goals, educational policies, funding, as well as to establish partnerships with the community that will help secure the financial future of the school.

Social Media Ministry


Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x 307v
Sylvia Fraginals
Glenda Escobar
Social Media Coordinator

To provide ongoing support to the St. John Neumann parish and school websites.


Glenda Escobar, Social Media Coordinator
Support for all parish life information, generating and managing content for website and social media sites.