Sacramental Preparation

Baptism Preparation


Pete and Sylvia Vasquez
T: (786) 457-4597

To prepare parents and godparents for the Sacrament of Baptism. Teaches the meaning of the ritual and symbols, and their role as Christian parents and godparents. Mandatory for Baptisms.

Confirmation Preparation


John Fernandez
1st year
T: (305) 253-3081
Armando & Elena De Zayas
2nd year & Adult
T: (305) 255-6642 x311
Margarita Avila
T: (305) 255-6642 x310

Provides an educational program in preparation for the reception of Confirmation. Teachers and office helpers are always needed.

Engaged Encounter


Gil & Maria Elena Lopez
T: (305) 255-6362

To assist those anticipating marriage during the coming year. Married couples share their experiences of marriage with the engaged participants.



Clarissa Moreno
T: (305) 255-6642 x 304

To meet with couples planning marriage. They discuss the couple’s answers to a premarital inventory and point out the implications these will have on their future marriage.

Marriage Preparation


Deacon & Mrs. Felipe & Elizabeth Gomez
T: (786) 970-9927
Roberto & Rosie Vasconcelos
T: (305) 274-5369
Carlos & Julia Herdocia, Rehearsals
T: (305) 773-7431

Provides a required initial meeting & preparation for all couples who plan to be married at St. John Neumann Church. Generally held the third Tuesday every month.



Deacon Bob Binder
T: (305) 238-6484
Bill Tuttle
T: (305) 801-6806
Aroughby Zimmerman
T: (305) 450-9669
Margarita Avila
T: (305) 255-6642 x310

A church process for adults wishing to join the Catholic community, or other baptized adults who wish to know more about their Catholic faith. Sponsors are needed to share faith and fellowship with the candidates and catechumens.