Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcements from our bulletin of November 19, 2017

Parents, please remember that the first rehearsal for the Children’s Christmas Pageant is this coming.

Monday, November 20th in resurrection hall at 6:30pm.

This rehearsal is for the Choir and speaking roles only! We appreciate your promptness. See you on Monday!

Thursday, November 23 10:00am English 12 Noon Spanish.

For Christians, every Sunday is Thanksgiving Day, for the term Eucharist comes from a Greek word which means “thanksgiving.” The American Catholic Lectionary includes an appendix with readings for Thanksgiving Mass. Perhaps it is fitting that Thanksgiving is not a mandatory feast, for gratitude is best served by voluntary expression.

Let’s celebrate the Eucharist as a Parish Family on Thanksgiving Day. The Eucharist is a graceful and grateful way to begin the day focused on God’s blessings in praise and thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

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