Ministry Group:

AIDS - Reach Out Touch Faith

Rick & Cecilia Alvarez
T: (305) 336-1778

Offers a referral service for those who give care to AIDS patients. To help those members of a patient’s family or friends who need support.

Always Our Children

Barbara Abdella
T: (305) 613-0801

The purpose of this ministry is to reach out to parents trying to cope with the discovery of homosexuality in their adolescent or adult child. It urges families to draw upon the reservoirs of faith, hope, and love as they face uncharted futures. It asks them to recognize that the Church offers enormous spiritual resources to strengthen and support them at this moment in their family's life and in the days to come. -A Statement of the Bishops' Committee on Marriage and Family


Pam Lawson
T: (305) 255-6642 x305

To assist those seeking annulments, the advocates are trained by the Archdiocese.

Ascending Life

John Adessi
T: (305) 596-4944
Denyse Dawson
Hugh Clear
Spiritual Director
T: (305) 279-8455

To provide a Christian movement for active seniors in today’s society. Provides spiritual, social and service opportunities. Meets the second and fourth Fridays of each month.


James Searle
T: (305) 316-0399
Patricia Rodriguez
T: (305) 303-0254
Corrado and Alessandra Mion
T: (786) 547-4178

To assist the parents, families and friends of special needs children or adults to seek early intervention and provide them spiritual support.


Jackie Biscoito
T: (305) 596-9508
Maria Annone
T: (305) 794-0332

Offers a support system for those experiencing a death in their circle of family or friends.

Blood Bank Drive

Frank Sioli
T: (305) 232-2405

To provide blood credits for the benefit of parishioners, family members, and the community at large. The drive takes place every other month.

Cancer Support

Bob Linfors
T: (786) 493-6436
Alfonso Dominguez
T: (786) 458-4869
Luz Marina Gomez Barco
T: (786) 458-1194

To provide support to all of us who are suffering or have suffered from cancer. The group is open to anyone whose life has been affected by cancer whether it is through personal suffering or the suffering of a loved one.

Caring, Sharing & Grieving Together

Jackie Biscoito
T: (305) 596-9508


Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Offers a support system for those experiencing a death in their circle of family or friends.

Christmas Pageant for Children / Gift of Bethlehem

Peter & Damis Gonzalez
Christmas Pageant
T: (305) 975-3295
Pedro Garcia
Gift of Bethlehem
T: (305) 785-4390
Rene Cruz
Gift of Bethlehem
T: (786) 376-9358

Christmas Pageant
The children of the parish re-enact the Nativity in song and drama. The play is based on sacred scripture and Christian music.

Gift of Bethlehem
Parish ministries and parishioners re-create the experience of the birth of our Savior.

Clamor de Vida y Esperanza

Jacqueline Guillen
T: (305) 302-9436

Un ministerio creado con la ayuda de Dios; para dar consuelo y soporte espiritual a todo hombre o mujer que haya pasado por el infortunio de un aborto. ¡Siempre hay una esperanza de vida y es el camino hacia el Señor! “Estrictamente Confidencial”.

Detention Ministry

Deacon Ralph Gazitua
T: (305) 903-5295

An Archdiocesan ministry that provides a religious presence to the prison population on a weekly basis to the Correctional Center at NW 33 St. and Everglades Correctional Center.

Eating Disorder Support

Maria Henao
T: (786) 263-2956

A free open, confidential support group for anyone that is struggling with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. Friends, loved ones or family who wish to support are welcome too.

Families with Special Needs Children

Nicole Attong
T: (305) 773-9042

Support is available for parents looking to better acquaint themselves with ways to cope with and assist with the needs of their children. Parents of children with any type of handicap often find themselves in need to seek assistance to better help their children to adjust and thrive in the home, school, and play. The support group for families with special-needs children is willing to give this loving support to our parish families.

Family Matters

Cecilia Paz
T: (305) 479-4465
Adriana Fonseca
Marta Alvarado

Provides opportunities for families to participate in events that encourage a sense of community and spiritual development within our church family.

Finance Council (Parish)

Msgr. Navarro
T: (305) 255-6642
Albert Sueiras
T: (305) 279-7655
Paul Walkington
T: (786) 473-9110
Keith Simmons
T: (305) 233-6273

To assist the pastor in developing parish resources as well as giving an account of the same. To serve as a wisdom group for responsible stewardship of parish goods.

Gabriel Project

Tammy Garcia
T: (305) 458-9737

The Gabriel Project is a caring outreach to women in crisis pregnancies. The ministry provides practical help to women who might otherwise not choose life for their unborn babies. Gabriel angels support the mother’s choice for life through prayer, ongoing friendship, and encouragement.

Good Samaritan (Hospital Aftercare)

Maria Eugenia (Maru) Carmona
T: (786) 587-3347

A partnering home visitation program and Care Team ministry that provides follow-up practical support to post-hospitalization partners. The ministry also assists parishioners that are homebound, and provides additional services as needed.

Habitat for Humanity

Linda Azan
T: (305) 793-6376

To sponsor building homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, for families that need a helping hand to improve their living conditions. Parishioners are needed to work on the actual construction of the homes. No experience is necessary.

Hearts of Fire

Margann Wilhelm
T: (305) 345-9600

Thirty-three Days to Morning Glory

A 33 day retreat that leads to total consecration to Jesus through Mary. It is “the surest, easiest, shortest. and most perfect means” to becoming a saint. (from True Devotion to Mary). We meet once a week to pray and discuss our reflection of the week and watch a video presentation by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC. This retreat is offered each spring.

Consoling the Heart of Jesus

A 10 week retreat, which is fitted into the busy life of the layperson, nonetheless includes all the essential parts of a genuine retreat of the “Spiritual Exercises.” It is focused on the Divine Mercy and includes insights of St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Louis de Monfort. This follows much the same format as the 33 Days retreat and it is recommended that you complete the 33 Day retreat before this one. This retreat is offered in the fall.


Amanda La Gra
Ministry Lead
T: (305) 936-6281
Abraham Arellano
Chapel Lead
T: (786) 374-8207
Tucker Lopez
Sunday Lead
T: (305) 606-9385

Homeless Ministry goes out to do God’s work by feeding, clothing, praying and caring for the homeless men and women in our community.

Knights of Columbus

Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh
T: #13369
Bernie Torra
Grand Knight
T: (305) 804-7302

The Knights of Columbus is a men’s Catholic, family, fraternal service organization, whose primary function is based on the founding principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. The Knights is a non-profit organization that supports many charitable projects and are advocates for the culture of life, promotion of vocations and foster family life. Knights are men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith.

Knights of Columbus - Assembly 3155

Thomas Vizney
T: (305) 898-2235

The primary purpose of membership in the Fourth Degree of the Order is to foster the spirit of patriotism in members and the community at large and encourage active Catholic citizenship. Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month.

Knights of Columbus - Columbiettes

Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh
T: #13369
Manuela Graells
T: (786) 355-5527
Kate Pierson
Past President
T: (305) 773-5319

We are a unified body of Catholic women who work side-by-side with the Knights of Columbus Councils of which we are affiliated.

To our founders, we dedicate ourselves to do God's work on earth, promoting Unity, Christ's Love for each of us, and zeal to serve God through Faith, Hope and Charity.

Marriage Counseling

Deacon Henri & Lily Gonzalez
T: (305) 496-8260
Pierre and Teresa Etcheverry
T: (305) 279-7119
Joe & Tati Viera
T: (305) 232-6683
Tony & Mayra Rosales
T: (305) 338-0300

To help couples who are having trouble in their marriage. It is a ministry, and therefore free of charge. Prayers are needed for all marriages in our community for the grace to remain faithful to their commitment and to resolve to make Jesus the third member of their marriage.

Men’s Club

Thomas Vizney

Founded in 1981, the St. John Neumann Men’s Club is a Catholic men's group dedicated to promoting faith development, camaraderie, forming enduring friendships, and service to build a better Parish community at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Miami, FL. Our monthly dinner meetings provide an opportunity for men of our Parish to enrich our faith, build friendships, hear informative and uplifting speaker presentations, and take action through service to support the work of the Parish, its ministries, and the wider community-at-large.

Mommie and Me

Angie Balaguer
T: (305) 484-3087

A group for moms of young children, meets during the day. Take time for yourself and meet other moms who share the same experiences with you, find support and company while your children play or attend school.

Nursing Home (Español)

Loly Sowers
T: (305) 562-2651
Luis & Martha Bustamante
T: (786) 208-9357

Visitamos, rezamos, cantamos y especialmente les damos mucho amor a los ancianitos de St. Anne’s Home, ya que muchos de ellos están solos y olvidados. Visitamos el asilo St. Anne’s Home todos los miércoles de 11:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m.

Office Volunteers

Pam Lawson
T: (305) 255-6642 x305

To assist with mailing, filing, record keeping, and telephone calls in the parish office.

On The Road Again: An Emmaus Reflection

Lino Diaz
T: (786) 256-1857
Al Robles
T: (305) 992-7732

This is a weekly meeting for men that have experienced the Emmaus Retreat, which has been started with the hopes of encouraging meaningful and deep sharing of personal reflections and feelings either through the Holy Scriptures or from personal experiences. Our guide and ultimate authority is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Parish Advisory Council

Msgr. Pablo Navarro
T: (305) 255-6642 x301
Louis Trapp
T: (305) 253-8565
Marge Binder
T: (305) 238-6484
Pam Lawson
T: (305) 235-7576
Joe & Maria Montesinos
T: (305) 271-3877
Ronald Anderson
T: (305) 323-1439
Fanny Albano
T: (305) 299-2633
Jorge Rolo
T: (786) 859-6737
Damis & Peter Gonzalez
T: (305) 232-8217

To act as an advisory board to the pastor on the goals, projects, and activities of the parish through periodic meetings of ministry coordinators.

Project Rachel

Kathy Weissinger
T: (305) 273-8507

To present a spiritual program of healing for men and women who have experienced or been affected by abortion.

Respect Life

Kathy Weissinger
T: (305) 273-8507

Respect Life Office, 3410 SW 107 Ave, Miami, FL 33165
To educate our parishioners on abortion, euthanasia, and other life issues to enable them to become articulate witnesses for life. To provide a peaceful, pro-life witness at local abortion facilities. To initiate letter- and email-writing campaigns to legislators. To assist and support the Respect Life Office.

S.O.S. (SJN Outreach Services)

Maria Bello

Outreach services that focus on mission work to the poor and needy. Collaborates with various organizations that provide a wide range of services to the underprivileged.

Sacred Heart Outreach

Jim Wilhelm
T: (305) 775-7888
Sacred Heart Outreach center
T: (305) 245-0022

St. John Neumann coordinates with Sacred Heart Parish in Homestead to help our needy brothers and sisters in Christ. We also operate the SHOC at 20 SE 2nd Road, Homestead, FL. Volunteers are definitely needed to help sort clothes and work at the outreach center.


James Dundorf
Scout Master
T: (305) 342-2872

To afford the youth of the parish the opportunity to participate weekly in scouting activities.

Security Ministry

Jim Wilhelm
T: (305) 775-7888

To work with the pastor in making the premises secure. This includes working with ministry heads to inform them of security needs.

Separated and Divorced

Liz Murphy
T: (305) 385-9818
Gladys Barrio
T: (305) 812-8423

To help men and women of the parish and their families deal with separation / divorce. To provide a safe place to explore one’s feelings while listening to a series of talks and discussions on personal growth. Social activities are held periodically. For further information see

Sisters in Christ

Lori Farag
T: (305) 255-4348
Maria Bello

Sisters in the Lord come together to provide an opportunity for women in the parish to grow. Offers monthly community celebrations of the rosary and meetings to offer spiritual, social and civic support through community work. Provides women a channel to help guide them to hear and accept the Lord’s call.

SJN Outreach to the Poor

Joe Montesinos
T: (305) 271-3877
Abraham Arellano
T: (786) 374-8207
Paul Kleponis
T: (305) 609-6407
Miriam Estrada
T: (305) 255-6642
Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x307

To serve the poor and needy by interviewing and assessing their conditions. Provides food certificates and other necessities.

SJN Parish Information

Juan Balloveras
T: (786) 344-0143

To offer parishioners information on parish programs and outreach after every mass.

SJN Parish Information & Welcome

Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x 307
Patty Bush
T: (305) 270-1055
Susan De Cerce
T: (305) 989-7568
Teresita Lanza
T: (305) 815-7776
Alfonso & Luz Marina Gomez
T: (786) 458-4869

To welcome prospective parishioners at a monthly session which gives an overview of parish life and an introduction into the parish family.

SJN School Advancement Board

Msgr. Pablo Navarro
Maria Elena Vilas
Christina Rodriguez
Advancement Director

To act as advisors to the pastor and the principal regarding goals, educational policies, funding, as well as to establish partnerships with the community that will help secure the financial future of the school.

Social Media Ministry

Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x 307
Sylvia Fraginals
Glenda Escobar
Social Media Coordinator

To provide ongoing support to the St. John Neumann parish and school websites.


Glenda Escobar, Social Media Coordinator
Support for all parish life information, generating and managing content for website and social media sites

Soul Food

Daina Squires Daniel
T: (305) 255-6642

Providing periodic meals made with love for individuals who can’t prepare their own because they’re transitioning through a period of illness, grief, or other forms of incapacitation.

Spiritual Companions

Christine Bernt
T: (305) 385-6709
Chuck Caldwell
T: (305) 301-6761
Pierre Etcheverry
English, Español & Français
T: (305) 281-6807
Lorna Fyffe
T: (305) 934-0709
Stella Kessler
T: (305) 975-8559
Carlos Lastra
English & Español
T: (305) 255-1589
Mariana Lopez
T: (305) 772-5650
Jim Loretta
English & Español
T: (305) 968-8010
Jacqueline Mafiol
T: (305) 283-3161
Sandy Mesa
T: (305) 775-5333
Jenny Murillo
T: (305) 252-0591
Judith Pasos
T: (786) 258-3654
Luis Pasos
English & Español
T: (305) 279-7759
Mary Jo Robles
English & Español
T: (305) 255-6642
Kathy Saunders
T: (305) 253-1792
Lola Sendler
English / Español
T: (305) 385-3702
Margann Wilhelm
T: (305) 345-9600
Pat Triche
T: (786) 339-2555
Lupita Aragon
T: (305) 775-5902
Paul Tirney
T: (305) 596-9745

To provide spiritual direction or companionship for all parishioners requesting it. Each companion has successfully completed the full three-year training program at St. Thomas University. Those interested in deepening their spiritual life or who need help finding God’s presence and peace in the midst of the struggles of daily life are invited to call any director for an appointment.

Substance Support Group Ministries

Parish Office
T: (305) 255-6642
County Hotline
T: (305) 265-9555

To reach out and support individuals addicted to alcohol or drugs through regular substance abuse meetings and support to family members. This includes support groups for AA on Sunday nights and Alanon on Thursday Nights. Call for further information.

Third Act Ministry

Elena Suarez
T: (305) 607-1032
Roberto Estades-Garcia
T: (305) 775-7364

The Third Act Ministry for semi-retired and retired adults is a community of people living a vibrant and purpose filled Christian life.

Our mission is to enable this community to deepen their Christcentered faith life, develop new relationships by participating in activities, enhance their stage of life through continuous learning, and put their experience and talents to the service of the community. Meets monthly on a Friday. Call for more information.

Until We Meet Again

Beverly Loftus
T: (305) 613-4964
Irene Bergmann
T: (305) 454-3245

Strives to bring together the widows and widowers of the community to develop deeper friendships based on faith, fellowship and understanding of the continuing sense of loss from the death of a beloved spouse. Monthly meetings include social activities and speakers on coping with loss and other relevant issues.

Women’s Club

Ileana Minervino
T: (786) 546-6999

Our Mission is to offer faith, fellowship and fun to all women and to provide loving service in our community as needed. Meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m..

Youth Ministry

Armando & Elena De Zayas
Youth Ministers
T: (305) 255-6642 x311

Youth Ministries are available for High School aged students (Confirmation group and Post-Confirmation group).

All groups meet weekly to minister to the youth of the parish through prayer, meetings, retreats, service projects, social justice outreach, sports and games as well as social activities. All young people are welcome to participate in these groups.