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How do you say thank you for something for which there are no words???

A Thanksgiving Prayer on our safe return ‘home’ might be in order!

The St John Neumann Social Media Team has been God’s hand, voice, and heart since March 22nd. For nine weeks they have been cameramen where there were none, They have been sound techs and gaffers and best boys. They have been camera operators, producers, editors, mixers, and animators. They have been graphic designers, script writers and gimbal operators.

They have recorded and rerecorded, worked with Wi-Fi and without. They have been a traveling TV crew and news team and classroom. Their dedication has reached across homes, states, countries and continents.

And they are all volunteers! They have made a way where there was none!

Filled with a love of the Lord and empowered by the Holy Spirit they brought us God’s Word, the Sacraments and have kept our parish family connected.

Thank you, Gracias, Mési! Your St John Neumann family offers this prayer for us and for you.

Lord, we are home again,
and we lift up our hearts in a song of gratitude
for the blessings of our journey.
Holy Guide of Pilgrims and Travelers,
You have been our personal escort upon this journey,
We are grateful for all we have seen and experienced,
for the new places (in our hearts) we have visited.
We are thankful, also,
For the protection from harm and injury that was ours.
Your angelic care surrounded us
as an invisible shield against evil and harm.
Your love for us is now a cause for prayer and gratitude.
Lord, it is good to be home again.
Our time away has opened our eyes
to see our home and belongings (and each other)
(and especially YOU)
with greater appreciation
Since half of the pleasure of a journey
is in the coming home
We take joy in our return.

May this joy
be a taste of the happiness awaiting us when we finally come home to You.
In that final homecoming,
we shall feast upon the fullness of Your love
as we are surrounded by the affection of loved ones
who have returned to You before us.
(especially those who have passed during these nine weeks)
We lift up our hearts in gratitude
(for) the blessings of being home!

Based on “Thanksgiving Prayer for A Safe Return Home After A Journey” in ‘Prayers for the Domestic Church’ by Edward Hays

Con - ta - gious – adjective Capable of being transmitted or spread from one person to another by direct or indirect contact. Easily spread, passed on, or caught. Synonym – Infectious

What has been worth catching over these 9 weeks? The love of the Lord, the care for the poor and the homeless, the appreciation of teachers, essential workers, education, nature, gathering and family; these are the things worth being injected and infected with.

No one has been a more visible sign of being ‘touched’ by the love of Christ than each of you! Your outpouring of food and clothing for the homeless is that tangible sign.

This past weekend there were more bags of clothing than a truck could hold and more than 500 meals were prepared and served not counting the water, snacks and necessities at the Miami Rescue Mission. Our St John Neumann Homeless Ministry in cooperation with our SJN parishioners, St John Neumann Catholic School, Belen Jesuit Prep, Christopher Columbus HS, St. Timothy Church, St. Brendan Church, Church of the Little Flower/Coral Gables, Ran Auto Group, Kendall Toyota, Lexus of Kendall, West Kendall Toyota and Lexus of West Kendall paid for a shower truck and fed and clothed our brothers and sisters most in need in these challenging times. What a healing balm this is!

Father, relationships are at the core of who You are. We know You designed us to be contagious and that just about everything in our lives can be caught by others. We want to be positively contagious, so others catch our faith in Jesus and His unconditional love. So they catch joy and enthusiasm, peace and kindness, generosity and courage. Please continue to change each of us on the inside so we can encourage others to be healthy in You, too. Amen

From “Wisdom Walks” by Dan Britton and Jimmy Page

Wednesdays, 2:00 pm Live on Facebook

To enrich your knowledge and understanding of the lecture as we work through the chapters of the book of Matthew, we will be offering small study groups as a complement to the study.

We are going to use our social media team and ZOOM to allow for class participation. You will be provided all the information necessary to be able to connect. After each lecture, the participants will receive (via email) class summary notes and a few questions to read and answer. Then, 30 minutes prior to the next lecture, you will have the opportunity to virtually meet with your classmates to share your answers and interact. Bible study groups may be available at different times if enough participants are interested.

To be part of the study groups, you must register for the class through email, this will allow you access to the class. Please email Fr. Ireneusz at to register.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered on Saturdays at 4:00 pm in the chapel and in the priest sacristy.

Benediction this First Friday, June 5 after the 8:30 am mass.

Stay after mass or come for an hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” (1 Corinthians 12:7)

To receive the gift of the Holy Spirit you must open your heart and invite Him in! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts, words, and actions every day! Be grateful for all the gifts God has given you! Regardless of our individual circumstances, God has given all of us many blessings. What we do with those gifts is our gift back to God! By generously sharing everything we have and everything we are, we become more “God-centered” and less “self-centered” and our lives truly reflect God’s light, love, and mercy.

Managing life’s problems, big or small, can be overwhelming. The Counseling Program provides individual, marital, family, child and adolescent counseling. Services are available to all regardless of their religious or nonreligious affiliation, gender, race, age or sexual orientation.

If you think it might help to talk with one of our Counselors, please call us to set up an appointment.

Our services are available at a flat fee of $20.00 per session.

Eligibility Requirements:

We serve all individuals and families in need of counseling.

Contact us:1-866-758-0025

Counseling In Miami-Dade County
9999 NE 2nd Ave Suite 215B Miami Shores, FL 33138.
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“The month of May is here! A time when the People of God express with particular intensity their love and devotion for the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is traditional in this month to pray the Rosary at home within the family. The restrictions of the pandemic have made us come to appreciate all the more this “family” aspect, also from a spiritual point of view. For this reason, I want to encourage everyone to rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary at home in the month of May. This can be done either as a group or individually; you can decide according to your own situations, making the most of both opportunities. The key to doing this is always simplicity, and it is easy also on the internet to find good models of prayers to follow…I myself will pray in the month of May, in spiritual union with all of you. Dear brothers and sisters, contemplating the face of Christ with the heart of Mary our Mother will make us even more united as a spiritual family and will help us overcome this time of trial. I keep all of you in my prayers, especially those suffering most greatly, and I ask you, please, to pray for me.”

- Pope Francis