Education and Formation

Adult Religious Education


Msgr. Navarro
T: (305) 255-6642 x301
To coordinate all adult activities, meet with and provide resources for ministry heads, work with Lay Ministers, Spiritual Directors and other Archdiocesan Programs, Emmaus and develop spirituality programs for the parish as needed.

Bible Study Groups


Bob Gonzalez
Mon. 7:30 p.m.
T: (305) 793-2330
Adriana Collado
Tues. 9:15 a.m.
T: (786) 337-3871
Chuck Caldwell
Wed. 8:00 a.m. (Men’s)
T: (305) 301-6761
Tessie Lobon
Wed. 9:15 a.m.
T: (305) 586-0144 (Bible Timeline Study)
Luis Rodríguez
Martes 8:00 p.m. (Español)
T: (786) 218-6553
T: (305) 233-8704

To break open the Word of God as spoken in scripture. Some groups follow themes, others an overview of the Bible, and others the weekly scripture.



Carmen Layne-Powers
T: (305) 281-9690
Lydia C Avila
T: (305) 496-8685
Barbara Segale
Vestibule Bookrack
T: (305) 255-5439

(Spiritual Pharmacy / Farmacia Espiritual)
Serving the Divine Physician

We have Catholic Bibles, books, prayer cards, pamphlets, study books and more. Dedicated to teaching the mind, reaching the heart and serving the Divine Physician. St. John Neumann wrote in his diary, “Whenever the opportunity offers, I shall offer my services to my fellowman. Whenever I meet someone, I shall treat him as if he were the Lord himself.” This is our journey dedicated to the community.



Clarissa Moreno
T: (305) 255-6642 x304

To inform the community of all parish activities. It is published weekly.

Emmaus Discipleship & Formation Program


Ronald Anderson
T: (305) 323-1439
Isabel Blandino
T: (305) 301-8947
Maria Taveras
T: (305) 301-8947
Carlos Menendez
T: (305) 304-9928
Vince Urrutia
T: (305) 433-1750

The Journey Continues….

The Emmaus Discipleship and formation program is a post Emmaus Retreat Formation Program that provides personal development and spiritual growth in the areas of discipleship, basic adult faith formation & mentoring. The program is based on the basic fundamental principles of finding your purpose, exploring your gifts & talents and carrying out your baptismal mission.

Father Hunger Seminars


Joe Viera
T: (305) 232-6683
Miguel Flores
T: (305) 519-6700
Aldo Wrves
T: (305) 227-4880
Evelyn Sangiovani
T: (786) 487-4878
Tati Viera
T: (305) 232-6683
Sylvia Flores
T: (305) 595-8256

A day of reflection for all men and women (but primarily fathers) to explore ways in which our Almighty Father can heal us.

Financial Freedom Ministry


Tracy Kealy
T: (305) 968-3361

This Ministry offers courses which teach fiscal responsibility and giving according to God's Word. Participants will learn to prepare a budget, eliminate debt, save for emergencies, invest for retirement and college, develop an understanding of health, life, disability and long term care insurances, purchasing real estate, negotiating all purchases and defend themselves against consumerism.

Finding the Way


Tracy Kealy
T: (305) 968-3361

A ministry for men of the parish finding a way to God through the use of the Gospel as a roadmap. Meets Saturdays, contact the coordinators for more information.

Jerusalem Lay Ministry Alumni Group


Jose Pedro Fernandez
T: (305) 753-2455

Provides an ongoing adult education program for graduates of the school of ministry.

New Parishioners Welcome Meeting


Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x307
Patty Bush
T: (305) 270-1055
Susan De Cerce
T: (305) 989-7568
Lorraine Jatczak
T: (305) 984-8800
Teresita Lanza
T: (305) 815-7776
Aida Holzer

To welcome prospective parishioners at a monthly session which gives an overview of parish life and an introduction into the parish stewardship family.

Padrinos y Madrinas (Sacramental Outreach to Migrants)


Germán & Martha Vellojin
T: (786) 543-4000

Buscamos familias con niños sin bautizar, para ayudarlos en su crecimiento espiritual, coordinar bautismos, hacer seguimiento, necesidades y conformar grupos de oración para expandir nuestra fe.

Parish Pastoral Institute


Msgr. Pablo A. Navarro
T: (305) 255-6642 x301
Marco Fernandez
T: (305) 255-6642 x307

Jesus declared that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. (Mk 12: 30-31)

In response, the mission of the Parish Pastoral Institute (PPI) of St. John Neumann Catholic Church is to form committed faith leaders in our parish, both as individuals and as Catholics in the world community and to lovingly challenge them to be conformed more fully each day unto Christ, “for those he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son” (Rm 8:29).

Pastoral Lay Ministry Formation Program


Teresita Lanza
T: (305) 815-7776

The Formation for Pastoral Lay Ministers Program is designed to form lay men and women who desire to grow in their understanding of their Catholic identity and their ability to serve. This program provides a basic foundation of theology and pastoral skills and is comprised of the following components: Human and Spiritual Growth, Theological Formation and Pastoral Training.

The two-year formation process employs adult methods of education which value our tradition, critical reflection, human experience and participant input and participation. If interested, please contact your Pastor.

Religious Education - CCD


John Fernandez
T: (305) 253-3081

To offer educational programs to meet the religious needs of the children of the parish. Volunteers are needed to serve as CCD teachers, aides, secretaries, outreach callers, and refreshment coordinators. Those engaged in the teaching role are given training.

Safe Environment


John Fernandez
T: (305) 253-3081

To ensure that all church volunteers especially those who work with children and vulnerable adults have been fingerprinted and processed by authorities. This is in compliance with the policy established by the Archdiocese of Miami.

SJN School


Maria Elena Vilas
T: (305) 255-7315
School Office
T: (305) 255-7315

To further the Church’s educational mission by offering children an excellent Catholic education which integrates a solid academic program with the experience of a faith community where spiritual values are nourished. The school aims to prepare academically and spiritually exemplary Catholic students who will positively impact our society.


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