Altar Servers


Jorge Rolo
T: (786) 859-6737
Tammy Garcia
T: (305) 271-6406
Yesenia Fernandez
T: (305) 282-5500

Provides boys and girls, 4th grade and above, the opportunity to serve at God’s altar on Sundays, Holy days, and for special liturgical events. Coordinators By Pastor’s Invitation Only.

Children’s Liturgy


Connie White
T: (305) 213-0481
Carmen Medrano
T: (786) 351-6497

Allows the Liturgy of the Word to be celebrated on an appropriate level for children. Held weekly at the 5:00 p.m., 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m. liturgies. Volunteers are always needed.

Communion to the Sick


Jacquie Mafiol
T: (305) 283-3161
Myrna Valle
T: (305) 253-7713
Rosemarie Forque
Baptist Hosp.
T: (305) 271-2893

By Pastor’s Invitation Only
To bring the Eucharist weekly to those who are ill in the home, hospital, or nursing home. Participation in this ministry requires Pastor’s invitation.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


Julio & Maria Leiva
T: (305) 794-2099
Cesar Román
T: (305) 336-0043

By Pastor’s Invitation Only
To assist in distributing the Eucharist. A deep love and devotion for the Body of the Lord is required for this ministry. A commitment to serve at all the Liturgies is needed. Participation in this ministry requires Pastor’s invitation.

Hospitality - Sundays


Maritza Castano
T: (786) 251-9801
Joaquin Leon
T: (786) 444-7547
Susana Rocha
T: (305) 910-3292

To provide coffee and donuts and give parishioners the opportunity to share life and faith with each other after Mass on Sundays.

Hospitality for Special Events


Rosa Sante
T: (305) 253-5207
Bertha Morales
(305) 251-3701

To provide hospitality for all special parish events. This is an outreach to parishioners and their guests.



Donald Jackson
T: (305) 778-4739
Luis Arroyo
T: (786) 269-9826
Sandra Arroyo
T: (305) 801-7303
Rosemarie Forque
T: (305) 271-2893

By Pastor’s Invitation Only
To proclaim the Word of God. Scriptures must be understood, felt, and the mood and message of the passage projected and proclaimed. Time and study are required.

Liturgical Environment


Conchita Alfonso
T: (305) 753-9018

To help prepare the worship space for the liturgical seasons and special holidays of the Church year. Volunteers always needed.

Maria Madre de la Iglesia


Maria Eugenia (Maru) Carmona
T: (786) 587-3347

Ministerio Mariano. Dar a conocer los Dogmas, Virtudes y Gracias de Nuestra Santisima Madre. Promover la veneracion a Maria, como camino rapido y seguro para llegar a nuestro Señor Jesucristo.



Reina Ponce
T: (305) 987-2137
Corrado & Alessandra Mión
T: (786) 547-4178

To staff the nursery for Sunday liturgies and parish programs. A perfect way for those pressed for time to help the parish community (only one Mass a month). Grandparents, men, and responsible teenagers are welcome.



Evangelina Alonso
T: (305) 799-0655
Luis Arroyo
T: (786) 269-9926
Maria Bello
Lori Farag
T: (305) 255-4348
Luis Raul Muñoz
T: (305) 776-7464
Marina Rogers
T: (305) 253-1906
Cesar Roman
T: (305) 336-0043

By Pastor’s Invitation Only
To care for the altar and its appointments. Sacristans prepare the vestments and set the books in preparation for each Liturgy.



Jorge Molina
T: (305) 775-7452
Ken Hamel
Special Events
T: (305) 801-4460
Jose Lopez
T: (305) 389-7603

To enhance our liturgical services by orderly, efficiently and professionally accommodating all involved with the Celebration of the Eucharist. Ushering is an ideal way to demonstrate your Confirmation Commitment “To Love and Serve the Lord.” Young or old, male or female, married or single are always needed.